Using Mobile Software to Improve Your Contracting Business’ Operations

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Like many other industries within our economy, a widespread emergence of mobile tools and technologies have taken our world by storm. This has allowed businesses within the construction and contracting industry to undergo more efficient operations. If you’re in the construction or contracting industry and want to keep up with your competitors and advance your craft, it’s vital to know how mobile tools and services are quickly becoming a necessity! Mobile technologies allow you to keep track of past efforts and project your next moves, all while maximizing revenue and performing simple but effective marketing tasks to expand your customer base. The benefits of implementing mobile services with your integrated construction solution can prove to be effective, and have you asking yourself why you didn’t go mobile sooner.

Maximize Revenue and Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Utilizing mobile software, like the software ‘Jonas’, helps to save time by processing timely and accurate reports instantaneously.  This type of software allows field technicians and project managers to enter data directly from the job site.  You can receive or create work orders, view older notes and history, and create new quotes. It also assists with your human resource (HR) needs. The cost savings and improved efficiency will not only help to increase profitability, but will also leave your customers and employees more satisfied.

Steer Clear of Errors That Will Cost You

Mobile solutions eliminate the need for paperwork and as a result, all your data will be easily accessible with the click of a button! Additionally, mobile software largely eliminates mistakes made by human error while entering data. Using physical paperwork can lead to many problems. For instance, it may be hard to read or understand when it comes to one employee reading another’s report, the field technician may also forget to submit the paperwork entirely, or the paperwork could simply get lost and never be entered at all. Mobile software omits payroll mistakes by allowing field technicians to submit their hours directly from their devices. Afterwards, the claims would simply need to reviewed and approved, which are then automatically processed by the system!

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

The use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) within your business allows you to keep track of your field technicians and make smarter decisions regarding schedule planning. GPS aids communication between the office and field. Field technicians can locate their next job without having to return to the office. Software such as Jonas and PENTA actually plot technicians’ real time GPS location. This helps lower your technician’s travel costs, while allowing them to work in the field more efficiently.

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