Project Management

Delivering exceptional excellence throughout each project.

At Danarc we are used to handling projects that are large and complicated investments, which require careful planning, oversight, and execution. We understand that all projects are unique and thus, are prone to their own unique challenges. Our team of experts at Danarc is well equipped to tackle any of these challenges that may arise throughout the project.

Our Project Management services include:

  • Program and Project Management
  • Project Definition and Scope Management
  • Project Implementation Planning
  • Design Management and Monitoring
  • Management of Construction and Monitoring
  • Procurement Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Claims Review and Analysis


Danarc Schedule Management involves proper planning and schedule development, as well as tracking of activities and milestones to ensure that projects are delivered on time. Danarc offers scheduling control services utilizing a variety of scheduling software tools.

Our Schedule Management services include:

  • Project Planning and Schedule Development
  • Project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Development
  • Schedule Review and Analysis
  • Schedule Monitoring and Reporting
  • Earned Value Management
  • Workaround Planning and Schedule Recovery

Danarc monitors the progress of projects from concept to completion and provides updated reports along the way. We provide a team of experienced professionals that oversee the project consultants. Our team implements solutions to any future obstacles and priorities essential phases to reach project milestones.
We help owners keep their projects on track from project conception through to the selection of consultants, planning, tendering and finally completion, closeout and commissioning. Our comprehensive pool of Project Management resources can draw on the experience and expertise from managing projects of all sizes and types to avoid or solve problems when they arise. Our Project Management Services can be rapidly deployed and economically scaled to projects of any size or duration and can be tailored to meet the exact need of any project - no more and no less than required. The Danarc Project Management team can efficiently benefit a client's existing internal Project Management resources to help with the ups and downs in workflow or with large and complex projects

Commercial Project Management

By partnering with Danarc Inc. from the very start of your project, you can trust that the job will be completed exactly how you’ve envisioned it. Questions or concerns about the project? No problem. The support team at Danarc Inc is always available to help. No matter what the question — whether it’s about the design, construction, cost, timeline, etc. — we are more than willing to address any issues or concerns to put your mind at ease. Forget about the days of being left in the dark by your construction management company. Again, your satisfaction is number one on our priority list.

Whether you are seeking a professional company to develop and design your project, or need guidance in finding the appropriate equipment for your needs, Danarc Inc is the team for you.

Don’t forget — We understand your needs, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide quality work for prices you can afford, and no matter what your project management needs are — Danarc is prepared and excited to assist. If quality, affordability, and partnership are your priorities, look no further than Danarc Inc.

Commercial Project Mangement Services
  • New commercial properties
  • Office renovations
  • Commercial exterior projects
  • Exterior painting
  • Commercial Plazas
  • Schools & Insitiutions
  • Condos & Apartments
  • Housing Complexes

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